A commitment to innovation and sustainability

Crane Ridge is a pioneering firm that seamlessly merges creativity, technology and functionality to redefine asset utilization in compliance with IRMA/ESG certification requirements.

A passion for extracting value

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from explorer / developers to operators, through junior to major mining companies.

ESG / IRMA Compliance

Ensuring sustainable, responsible mining, in compliance with International Certification.

Feasibility Processes

From Scoping to Definitive, the feasibility process development is comprehensive.

Project Management

A blended management style, ensuring tight cost and delivery control.

Financial Modelling & Consulting

Experience the fusion of imagination, knowledge and experience with Crane Ridge. Our compprehensive modelling includes ESG, commercial and technical, balancing with your actuals experienced.

M&A Processes

From Due Diligence Services, Analytics and Consulting through the entire transaction process

Turnaround Management

A new strategy borne of a full appreciation of the business prevents recurrence of difficulty. Correct utilisation of technology and sustainability has a responsible outcome.

“Crane Ridge has saved us thousands of hours of work and has unlocked insights we never thought possible.”