Company Description
Crane Ridge is a Botswana registered company strategically aligned with a South African company ReMajor to develop a pipeline of projects. Crane Ridge provides consulting to Capital Raising, Development, Equipment and Consumables and Off-Take Services. “Project Link” is an App created to showcase our services and allow people to upload their information no matter where they are based.

ReMajor Projects Is a 100% black owned and managed company; established to be key influential player in the mining, petroleum, property and logistic sectors. ReMajor Projects does consultancy, deal structuring, sourcing credible projects, commodity trading, bulk material supply, logistic and securing funding or investors. ReMajor Projects was incorporated by young, focused and passionate entrepreneurs to be a trailblazer in the Resource sector and viable sectors of our economy.

Project link allows the development of what is available in Africa to align and develop an African / Asia footprint utilising Technology, Knowledge and Funding by Strategic partnerships with Asian companies.

Mr Marius Kritzingermarius

B.Eng. (Industrial) Hons (Systems Engineering, Logistics), MBA
Marius is an Industrial Engineer with close to 30 years of industry experience in the mining industry covering industrial minerals, coal, base metals and iron ore. As Head of Business Development of a major mining company, his experience included seeking, identifying, selection, acquiring and developing business opportunities for investment/divestment, on a global basis. This included the process from due diligence through acquisition to feasibility study. He was also responsible for formulating, optimizing and managing the growth strategies and project portfolios.

Mr Kevin van Wouwkevin
BSc (Hons) Metallurgy (Pretoria University.), NHD Ex Met ND Ex Met, Fellow of the SAIMM
Kevin has over 30 years’ experience in the mining industry. He has been CEO of listed and private companies, raising capital and negotiation acquisitions and mergers. He has extensive experience of Project Management of capital projects from small to large in a multi-discipline environment up to in excess of $1bn in value and has experience of running a major International OEM equipment manufacturing company. He has in-depth knowledge of the development of projects across many different currencies and sovereign regions, and the macro economic impact of African projects. He pioneered the application of pre-concentration to the nickel industry. He is experienced in the London, Toronto, South African, Botswana and Hong Kong markets. He is a Fellow of the SAIMM
Mr Lefu Mohlokilefu
BSc Eng Mining, (Wits University), MSc Eng MRM, Mine Managers Certificate of Competence,PMP
Lefu has over 23 years in the following areas EPCM Projects, Project Deployment, Budgeting and Cost Control, Productivity Management and Mine General Management, Face Survey and Presentation, Reporting Systems Auditing, Design and Implementation, Blast PPV Monitoring, Blasts Design, Fall-Out Dust Monitoring, Pit Optimization , Scheduling, Mine Design and Mine Planning, Negotiating Synergies and Joint Ventures (deal structuring), Strategy Formulation, Projects Expenditure Motivation, Mining Consulting. Mining Project Execution, Production Management
Mr Thuso Dikgakathuso
Thuso is a Mining Engineering graduate from the Technical University of Nova Scotia, Thuso is a seasoned mining professional boasting almost 4 decades of mining experience across the globe and across mineral types. With a keen understanding of the importance and the impact of mining to regional economies and communities, Thuso is equally passionate about ensuring the profitability and longevity of mining projects and the sustainability of the environments and communities impacted by mining activities. The richness of his contribution to the mineral resources industry is borne out by the numerous directorships he holds in mining companies across Africa as well as the extent to which he is sought out as a consultant on mining projects.
Mr Barry Venterbarry
B.Sc. (Hons.) Geology, MSc. Engineering Geology(PRI.SCI.NAT.)
Barry is a geologist with more than of 25 years of industry experience inclusive of mineral exploration, resource testing and estimation as well as feasibility studies on world class projects. His experience includes exploration geology in a wide range of minerals and geological settings, geotechnical engineering in large open pit environments, GIS applications in mining and geology, 3D modelling from exploration through long-term planning, software engineering in GIS and databases, management of project and production geology on a underground diamond mine (Sub-level caving) as well as technical services management (mine planning, survey, geotechnical engineering, geology, long-hole drill and blast engineering).
Mr Jaco Joubertjaco
BSc (Hons) Engineering Geology (Pretoria University), PrSciNat, Member of SAIEG
Jaco is an engineering geologist with over seventeen years’ experience. He has a proficient insight of geotechnical engineering, earthworks, roads, pipelines, dams, structures, groundwater and exploration. He gained a lot of experience on large scale mining and civil projects which provides a variety of different aspects of engineering. His field of expertise is geotechnical which includes soil profiling, drilling, sampling, recommendations and geotechnical report writing for small to large structures. Countries of work experience includes South Africa, United Kingdom (London), Namibia, Tanzania, DRC, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Ghana.
Mr Ken Goodenough
BSc. Eng (Elec) PrEng.790003ken
Ken has previously been appointed in a key consultant role for a number of projects, notable acting as the lead Consultant representing all Consulting Engineers liaising with Ethekwini Council on the “Electricity for All” project in Durban. He has acted on the planning committees for the University of Transkei / Unitra campus, as well as the expansion of the Mangasutu Technicon in Durban. His previous appointment as a peer reviewer for other consulting practices demonstrates the respect for his knowledge and esteem held by his professional colleagues. His major industrial experience from both a practical and design aspect at Iscor, Vanderbijl and Newcastle, as well as Dorbyl Shipbuilders and numerous other industrial development projects. The experience gained in managing the facilities of buildings on an operational level, has honed the design approach, and the true total cost of ownership can be readily demonstrated.
Dr Paul Hearn
BSc. MBA, DBL, PrEng, MSAIMechEpaul
Paul is a driven and creative engineer, with great breadth of knowledge and experience across a large number of industries, concentrating on sustainability, value addition, productivity and efficiency building. As a manager, he leads by example. His style is cooperative and consultative tied to a keen appreciation of the need to deliver within time and budget targets, always within strict governance and compliance structures. Professionalism and ethical leadership have always been a critical consideration. Personnel development has long been a key element in his approach.
Mr Leon Du PlessisL Duplessis
B.Eng Mech, MCom, PrEng, PMP.
Leon is a seasoned leader with an exceptional a track record of developing, presenting and managing the implementation of innovative business solutions. He is value oriented and highly motivated with a proven ability to develop people and has excellent communication and stake holder management skills. As an experienced engineer (PrEng) and project professional (PMP), he is highly focused with a consistent track record of successfully delivering full business solutions with appropriate quality, within schedule and within budget. Leon has an extensive track record of project delivery throughout the project lifecycle with general and specialist knowledge of the business-, legal-, safety-, environmental- and technical frameworks. Leon has good strategic appreciation and vision and delivers sophisticated business solutions supporting business needs. Leon combines a strong international project management background with an extensive experience base of engineering management in the manufacturing, mining, water- and wastewater industries
Mr Arno Smitarno
B.Eng Civil, MBA, PrEng, MSAICE.
Arno is a Senior Civil Engineer with SLR and works in the Mine Waste department. Arno has over 15 years’ experience within the Mine Waste and Civil Engineering industry. Arno is a Professional Consulting engineer, specialising in infrastructures relevant to the mine waste industry such as Tailings Storage Facilities, Waste Rock Dumps, Silt traps and Return water dams. Arno was involved in all stages of the Industry from the submitting of tender proposals, Feasibility studies, preliminary to detailed design, project management and site supervision. Furthermore, he was also involved in municipal infrastructure projects, with a strong focus on Roads and stormwater.
Mr Norman Mulondonorman
Norman is Company head of Business Development. Tasked with the duty of giving strategic oversight and direction to the company and a chief coordinator of the Executive Committee. Norman has an entrepreneurial background with extensive experience in the Petroleum and Mining sectors. He has been active in the business environment for the past 9 years. He also currently provide mining and property development advisory services to 5 royal houses across Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Norman is the chief architect of business development models, systems, best practice methodologies and value chain optimization, he went as far as china for exposure and preparing for the fourth industrial revolution.

Mr Tshepo Malulekatshepo
Tshepo has more than 10 years’ experience in championing Socio-Economic Development programs. His drive and passion for the marginalized combined with his diplomatic poise make him an indispensable member of the team. He is the founder member and the then deputy president of Youth in Energy and Mining (YEM) – an advocacy body endorsed by the then Minister of Minerals and Energy Ms Buyelwa Sonjica.


Further Information
The challenges presented by China’s engagement in Africa are large – for African countries, who need to learn how to manage this eager new development partner strategically, and for Africa’s traditional partners, who feel as though their efforts to reform governance and economic policy might be losing ground.
Crane Ridge Investments believe that the integration between Asian and Western companies is the next step in developing partnerships that are sustainable and rewarding for all companies involved. The knowledge and skills that Asian companies can bring with engineering or equipment supply are just as important as funding.

However, stakeholders will benefit from a more accurate description of the dimensions of this engagement, and a more realistic and grounded idea of the realities of Chinese development assistance and economic co-operation in Africa

Therefore, we have developed Project Link to identify projects in Africa to allow alignment with a strategic partner in Asia. Each project is vetted to ensure that they are ready for this strategic alignment.  Crane Ridge has established which key instruments from Asia can be incorporated in the Funding of aligned projects, however each project will have its own strategy and road map, consisting of skills transfer or equipment supply as well as Equity / Debt requirements.