Crane Ridge Services

Crane Ridge is a Botswana registered and operated company, currently providing the following key services to Industry;

  • Financing and Alignment – We match projects to investors and strategic partnerships as required in order to finalize the funding of a project that is ready to proceed to execution phase. This follows the usual processes of Due Diligence as each investor engages with each project.
  • Equipment Sourcing and Financing – After taking a brief, we find the correct equipment for the application, and arrange the requisite finance and logistics for the equipment. This can be from yellow metal to bespoke equipment to OEM solutions.
  • Turnaround Consulting – We assess the business and its assets to find the correct mix / application of people, resources and finance to ensure the business is performing at its maximum possible.
  • Consumables Direct – We source consumables / reagents / spares and other items on a regular basis for the industry at the most competitive rates and deliveries, while ensuring minimized locked capital.
  • Metals Direct – we join producers to users in a off-take role ensuring the minimum “middle man” effect, ensuring that the business against the maximum value from its product in the shortest time. This includes arranging trade finance facilities to ensure cash flow is continuous.
  • Consulting – We provide a full scope of development services and engineering as required, taking projects through development stages into production and the ongoing support and finally closure. Consulting also takes the form of transaction consulting, and a diverse range of services that brings into play.