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Focussed on Value Creation

Founded in 2020, we have completed Feasibility work, Strategic Consulting and Implementation projects to achieve listing and funding readiness for stakeholders. Our approach of marrying all outcomes with tried and tested technological solutions unlocks the maximum value for company executives on bahalf of their stakeholders.

This is one of the things we do best

Funding rediness includes the identification of:
– The correct technological solution
– Clearly identified work programs
– Core skills only where required
– Outsourcing strategies to limit cost
– ESG integration into all aspects
– Maximising return on investment


Risk assesment of solutions integrated into the strategic intent of the business will identify the path to maturing the projects 


Complete assesment of technology and financial solution, benchmarked against peers ensures the application of the correct solutions.


Implementation planning and use of strategic partnerships allows the transition from developers to operators in a risk aware environment.

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